The Amaranth Saga

Under development

In The Amaranth Saga, you are the main character in an epic fantasy novel. You might be a powerful monarch, ambitious landowner, or poor farmer. You live their life, forging alliances, encountering conflict, raising a family, and, perhaps, falling victim to violence and treachery.

The characters you meet have their own motivations and beliefs. This is not a game where orders are blindly followed. This is a simulation driven by love, hate, and ambition. If you prevail, it will be through a combination of wisdom and chance.

The Amaranth Saga 2018 Mockup

Perhaps your adviser recommends her son for promotion - this may be corruption, but can you risk offending her?

This is a hybrid strategy/role-playing game, and interactive novel. A new world is created each time you play, where you coexist with leaders, friends, family, and rivals. Together, they create stories of intrigue, triumph, and survival.

Development Plan

Development started in 2018, although the project has its origins as far back as 2010. Currently, a prototype is expected at the end of 2021. This prototype will be a complete game, demonstrating the ability of The Amaranth Saga to generate compelling narratives. These narratives will be driven by procedural generation and emergent complexity. Depending on its success, funding can then be secured for additional content. The development plan is publicly accessible here.


Game Mockups, 2018
Colour mock UI 1, 2017
Colour mock UI 2, 2017
Mock UI, 2017
Screenshot, 2016 prototype
Screenshot, 2014 prototype