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The Lives of the Kings of Cere

June 24, 2017 | View Comments |
The Plains of N'gai

I’ve been thinking about doing something for 2017’s PROCJAM, perhaps something to generate procedural histories. This text was written as an example of the sort of history I’d like it to generate. You can read ideas about its implementation in a companion post, here.

The Lives of the Kings of Cere

First, there was Nka’Lila. For a thousand years, they wandered a place known as N’gai, where grey snowflakes float on the wind. They travelled also to Cere and Atollis. Cere was a dark and hot place. There, Nka’Lila forged the Circle of Gospyr. The Circle of Gospyr was an artefact of great power, bringing courage to its owner, but only if they were strong of body.

In Cere there gathered the Uli people, who were a race of short-tempered humans. They became skilled potters and wine-makers. Their King was Tanash, who was short and ugly. In the 23rd year of his reign, his son Nug was born by his wife Ulfa. In the 45th year of his reign, Tanash died from an illness. Nug became the King of the Uli people.

In the 3rd year of Nug’s reign, in Atollis, there gathered the Zoraf people. They were touched by Nka’Lila’s spirit, and became cursed. In Cere there gathered the Jera people. In Cere there gather the Yadumas people.

In the 5th year of Nug’s reign, Grebia, one of the Zoraf people, travelled to Cere. There she meditated. One day, Grebia came upon an olive tree. She destroyed it. She settled in Cere, in the 11th year of Nug’s reign. She founded the city of Buz.

King Nug, of the Uli people, made war on the city of Buz. The war was over taxation. In the 12th year of Nug’s reign, Nug’s army attacked the city of Buz, but they were repelled. At this time, Nug begat Ole. One day, Nug came upon some deserters, and had a granite statue of them made. Kurg was born, at this time, in Cere, of Nug’s wife Patre. In the 14th year of his reign, Nug fought with Grebia during a battle, and was slain with a hammer. Grebia was wounded with a hammer, and thence was unable to walk.

Kurg, the daughter of Nug, became Queen of Cere. She was learned, but foolish, and gathered much tribute from the Uli people. Kurg was liked by the Yadumas people. Kurg was once seen speaking with a shrub. Kurg was liked by the Jera people.

…and so on.

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