Lives of the Azar

Sibsi Mboushou

Abridged Biography

A girl named Sibsi Mboushou was born in Obdab during the Spring of 190. She was adopted by her mother Fenia Brega and Sibsi's father Riz Mboushou. That Summer, Sibsi died from The Creeping Plague. She was 5 months old.

Unabridged Biography

Sibsi's mother Fenia Brega was born in Obdab during the Summer of 140. Sibsi's mother was a farmer. Sibsi's grandmother Witsi Brangepi and Sibsi's grandmother Zibsetou Brega adopted Sibsi's mother.

In Krirat during the Winter of 159, Sibsi's father Riz Mboushou was born. Her father was a farmer. Her grandmother Jigralsa Mboushou and Sibsi's grandfather Shubzi Otatza adopted Sibsi's father.

A man named Enash Ribaidi and Sibsi's mother were married in Obdab during the Autumn of 170. He was a farmer. As a result, his and Zibsetou's relationship ended.

During the Autumn of 189, Sibsi's mother and her father were married. She was born that Spring. She was adopted by them. That Summer, she died from The Creeping Plague. She was 5 months old. Then, her mother died from it. As a result, Fenia's and Riz's relationship ended. Sibsi's mother was 50 years old.

Sibsi's father died from The Creeping Plague during the Autumn of 190. Her father was 31 years old.