Lives of the Azar

Omze Obdedi

Abridged Biography

A girl named Omze Obdedi was born in Obdab during the Winter of 186. She was adopted by her mother Shogramb Obdedi and Omze's father Ngedroun Abresib.

During the Summer of 190, Omze died from The Creeping Plague. She was 4 years old.

Unabridged Biography

Omze's father Ngedroun Abresib was born in Nkepu during the Spring of 109. Her father was a warrior.

In Obdab during the Summer of 131, a man named Grerag Hite gave birth to Ngedroun's son Aitso Abresib. Ngedroun's son was a merchant. Grerag was a farmer.

Grerag gave birth to Ngedroun's daughter Relithai Abresib during the Winter of 132. Ngedroun's daughter was a criminal.

During the Summer of 143, a woman named Sig Koumbunkia gave birth to Ngedroun's child Naimzeple Abresib. His child was a merchant. She was a poet.

An enby named Gudsed Tsaldot gave birth to Ididian's daughter Shogramb Obdedi in Nkepu during the Summer of 146. His daughter was a farmer. They were a merchant. He was a farmer.

In Obdab during the Autumn of 180, Ididian's daughter and Omze's father were married. As a result, Ngedroun's and Mishaime's relationship ended.

Ididian's daughter and a man named Ovunzi Adoum were married during the Summer of 185. Ovunzi was a farmer.

During the Winter of 186, a girl named Omze Obdedi was born. She was adopted by Ididian's daughter and her father.

During the Summer of 188, Omze's father and a woman named Thunkain Kedrai were married. Thunkain was a merchant.

Omze died from The Creeping Plague during the Summer of 190. She was 4 years old.

During the Autumn of 190, Omze's father died from The Creeping Plague. As a result, Shogramb's and Ngedroun's relationship ended. Omze's father was 82 years old. Then, Ididian's daughter died from it. Ididian's daughter was 44 years old.