Lives of the Azar

Soulsatai Shas

Abridged Biography

A girl named Soulsatai Shas was born in Krirat during the Autumn of 184. Her mother Dronang Painge was a farmer. Soulsatai's father Bildedso Shas was a warrior.

During the Autumn of 190, Soulsatai died from The Creeping Plague. She was 6 years old.

Unabridged Biography

A woman named Ounobdai Shas gave birth to Iamzots' son Bildedso Shas in Krirat during the Summer of 146. Iamzots' son was a warrior. She was a farmer and murderer. Soulsatai's grandfather Iamzots Ishob was a warrior.

In Nkepu during the Winter of 156, Soulsatai's mother Dronang Painge was born. Soulsatai's mother was a farmer. Soulsatai's grandfather Tseredre Obable and Soulsatai's grandparent Bes Painge adopted Soulsatai's mother.

Iamzots' son and a woman named Tselati Ptat were married in Krirat during the Spring of 174. She was a merchant.

During the Autumn of 184, a girl named Soulsatai Shas was born.

During the Summer of 185, Soulsatai's mother gave birth to Bildedso's son Onzodsank Shas. Bildedso's son was a Ogsist warrior.

Soulsatai's mother gave birth to Bildedso's daughter Steloushe Shas during the Autumn of 189. His daughter was a poet. Next Autumn, Iamzots' son died from The Creeping Plague. As a result, Bildedso's and Dronang's relationship ended. Iamzots' son was 44 years old. Then, Soulsatai died from it. Soulsatai was 6 years old.

Soulsatai's mother died from The Dark Plague during the Winter of 236. Her mother was 80 years old.