Lives of the Azar

Udou Mboushou

Abridged Biography

A girl named Udou Mboushou was born in Obdab during the Spring of 184. She was adopted by her father Thriare Koumbunkia and her mother Jigralsa Mboushou.

During the Summer of 190, Udou died from The Creeping Plague. She was 6 years old.

Unabridged Biography

A man named Kidsi Alzezo gave birth to Jebsiad's daughter Jigralsa Mboushou in Kenkase during the Autumn of 132. Jebsiad's daughter was a farmer. Kidsi was a Gekist farmer. Udou's grandfather Jebsiad Mboushou was a Gekist criminal and murderer.

In Obdab during the Summer of 160, Udou's father Thriare Koumbunkia was born. Her father was a merchant. Her grandfather Aipimb Noubapso and her grandmother Sig Koumbunkia adopted Udou's father.

Jebsiad's daughter and a man named Shubzi Otatza were married during the Spring of 161. Shubzi was a farmer. As a result, Shubzi's and Bes' relationship ended.

During the Winter of 166, Jebsiad's daughter and a woman named Stost Ptat were married. She was a merchant.

Jebsiad's daughter gave birth to Stost's son Mbisai Ptat in Krirat during the Autumn of 168. Her son was a farmer.

In Obdab during the Winter of 181, Udou's father and Jebsiad's daughter were married. As a result, Jigralsa's and Thupsise's relationship ended.

A girl named Udou Mboushou was born during the Spring of 184. She was adopted by her father and Jebsiad's daughter.

During the Winter of 188, a man named Pounkik Ptat gave birth to Thriare's son Vesta Ptat. Pounkik was a farmer.

Udou's father and Pounkik were married during the Summer of 189.

During the Autumn of 189, Pounkik gave birth to Thriare's son Udroub Ptat. Thriare's son was a merchant.

Udou's father died from The Creeping Plague during the Summer of 190. As a result, Thriare's and Pounkik's relationship ended. Her father was 30 years old. Then, she died from it. She was 6 years old.

A man named Ounez Ptat and Jebsiad's daughter were married during the Winter of 191. Ounez was a merchant.

During the Summer of 211, Jebsiad's daughter and Ounez were married.

Jebsiad's daughter died from an illness during the Winter of 218. As a result, Jigralsa's and Ounez's relationship ended. Jebsiad's daughter was 86 years old.