Lives of the Azar

Pemzonga Entith

Abridged Biography

A boy named Pemzonga Entith was born in Krirat during the Winter of 178. He was adopted by his father Pobsa Entith and Pemzonga's father Oronou Adoum.

During the Autumn of 190, Pemzonga died from The Creeping Plague. He was 12 years old.

Unabridged Biography

A woman named Pin Ptung gave birth to Lapou's son Oronou Adoum in Obdab during the Autumn of 124. Lapou's son was a farmer. She was a farmer. Pemzonga's grandfather Lapou Adoum was a Lord of Obdab and blacksmith.

During the Summer of 151, Pemzonga's father Pobsa Entith was born. Pemzonga's father was a Gekist merchant. Pemzonga's grandfather Shiakeg Entith and Pemzonga's grandmother Amenka Keble adopted Pemzonga's father.

Pemzonga's father and Lapou's son were married in Krirat during the Autumn of 174. As a result, Pobsa's and Jagser's relationship ended.

During the Winter of 178, a boy named Pemzonga Entith was born. He was adopted by his father and Lapou's son.

During the Summer of 183, Pemzonga's father converted to Gekism.

Pemzonga's father died from The Creeping Plague during the Autumn of 190. His father was 39 years old. Then, Lapou's son died from it. Lapou's son was 66 years old. Then, Pemzonga died from it. He was 12 years old.