Lives of the Azar

The Melds

Abridged Biography

The Melds is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Melds is a family. A boy named Ipsathro Meld was born in Fugrolsa during the Spring of 1302. He is a Gekist farmer.

During the Autumn of 1302, Ipsathro converted to Daibism.

A girl named Iadroudeny Meld was born during the Spring of 1344. She is a Daibist farmer. A woman named Betsasai Ezonzenk and Ipsathro adopted her.

During the Autumn of 1344, Iadroudeny converted to Daibism.

An enby named Agsethre Meld was born during the Winter of 1344. They are a Gekist farmer. Betsasai and Ipsathro adopted them.

During the Summer of 1345, Agsethre converted to Daibism.

Ipsathro converted to Gekism during the Summer of 1371.

During the Spring of 1372, Agsethre converted to Gekism.