Lives of the Azar

The Shalazs

Abridged Biography

The Shalazs is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Shalazs is a family. A boy named Razan Shalaz was born in Nkepu during the Spring of 1294. He is a Ogsist merchant. That Summer, he converted to Ogsism.

A boy named Haz Shalaz was born during the Winter of 1357. He is a Ogsist merchant. A woman named Ngable Mounka and Razan adopted him.

During the Autumn of 1358, Haz converted to Ogsism. Ngable and Razan were married that Spring. She is a Ogsist poet. That Summer, a boy named Oungantix Shalaz was born. He is a Ogsist criminal. They adopted him.

Oungantix converted to Ogsism during the Winter of 1359. Next Winter, a boy named Bukreny Shalaz was born. Bukreny is a Ogsist merchant. Ngable and Razan adopted Bukreny. Bukreny converted to it that Spring.