Lives of the Azar

The Sidras

Abridged Biography

The Sidras is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Sidras is a family. A boy named Mboum Sidra was born in Nkepu during the Spring of 1258. He was a Ogsist farmer. Then, he converted to Ogsism.

A woman named Mobi Taz gave birth to Mboum's son Koriantai Sidra during the Summer of 1294. Mboum's son was a Ogsist Lord of Nkepu, Lord of Fugrolsa and poet. She was a Ogsist Lady of Nkepu, Lady of Fugrolsa, Vassal of Kraikoust and poet.

During the Autumn of 1295, Mboum's son converted to Ogsism.

Mobi gave birth to Mboum's daughter Eki Sidra during the Winter of 1295. His daughter is a Ogsist poet. That Spring, his daughter converted to Ogsism.

Mboum and Mobi were married during the Autumn of 1297.

During the Winter of 1298, Mobi gave birth to Mboum's son Thaluse Sidra. Mboum's son is a Ogsist farmer. Mboum's son converted to Ogsism that Spring.

During the Autumn of 1342, Mboum's son became Lord of Nkepu, when Mobi died from an illness. Then, his son became Lord of Fugrolsa, when she died from an illness.

Mboum's son was killed during the Spring of 1345. His son was 51 years old. His son was a Lord of Nkepu for 2 years. His son was a Lord of Fugrolsa for 2 years.

During the Spring of 1353, Mboum died from an illness. He was 95 years old.