Lives of the Azar

The Ngoksaiksus

Abridged Biography

The Ngoksaiksus is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Ngoksaiksus is a family. A girl named Podra Ngoksaiksu was born in Krirat during the Spring of 1226. She was a Gekist Lady of Krirat, Vassal of Nkepu, Vassal of Kraikoust and farmer. Then, she converted to Ogsism.

Podra gave birth to Mbikrupe's son Stozabzo Adse during the Autumn of 1265. Their son was a Gekist Lord of Aitsasho, Lord of Krirat and farmer. They were a Ogsist warrior.

During the Summer of 1266, Podra became Lady of Krirat.

An enby named Mbikrupe Adse and Podra were married during the Winter of 1267. As a result, Diaze's and Mbikrupe's relationship ended. Then, a girl named Aiso Ngoksaiksu was born. She was a Gekist warrior. Mbikrupe and Podra adopted her. Then, Aiso converted to Ogsism.

Podra pledged allegiance to a man named Astilseth Lorobse during the Winter of 1273. He was a Ogsist King of Nkepu, Lord of Nkepu, Lord of Obdab and blacksmith.

During the Spring of 1280, Podra pledged allegiance to a man named Atseg Brupepse. He was a Gekist King of Kraikoust, Lord of Kraikoust and farmer.

A man named Krilou Lagsox and Podra were married in Aitsasho during the Spring of 1283. He was a Gekist criminal.

During the Autumn of 1285, Podra converted to Gekism.

Aiso converted to Gekism during the Winter of 1286.

During the Autumn of 1301, Aiso died from an illness. She was 34 years old.

Podra died from an illness during the Autumn of 1311. As a result, Mbikrupe's son became Lord of Krirat. She was 86 years old. She was a Lady of Krirat for 45 years.