Lives of the Azar

The Klons

Abridged Biography

The Klons is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Klons is a family. A boy named Thedra Klon was born in Fugrolsa during the Spring of 1083. He was a Gekist merchant. Next Spring, he converted to Daibism.

Thedra and a woman named Degroukre Stoupink were married during the Winter of 1121. She was a Daibist Lady of Fugrolsa and farmer.

During the Spring of 1141, Thedra converted to Gekism.

A woman named Epe Menza and Thedra were married in Kraikoust during the Winter of 1146. She was a Gekist farmer.

During the Autumn of 1147, a boy named Pobuze Klon was born. He was a Ogsist criminal. Epe and Thedra adopted him.

Pobuze converted to Gekism during the Autumn of 1150.

During the Summer of 1151, Thedra died from an illness. He was 68 years old.

Pobuze converted to Ogsism during the Summer of 1188.

In Krirat during the Spring of 1189, Pobuze and a woman named Ngumo Tsiak were married. She was a Ogsist mystic.

A boy named Nashe Klon was born during the Summer of 1192. He was a Ogsist farmer. Pobuze and Ngumo adopted him.

During the Autumn of 1192, Nashe converted to Ogsism.

Pobuze died from an illness during the Spring of 1232. He was 85 years old.

During the Summer of 1296, Nashe died from an illness. He was 104 years old.