Lives of the Azar

The Zongs

Abridged Biography

The Zongs is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Zongs is a family. A girl named Ngelounk Zong was born in Kenkase during the Spring of 1077. She was a Gekist Lady of Ptiksaint Thrink, Vassal of Aitsasho and farmer. That Summer, she converted to Gekism.

Ngelounk and a woman named Mase Kramb were married during the Winter of 1148. Mase was a Gekist farmer.

During the Winter of 1162, Ngelounk pledged allegiance to a woman named Stiak Denkage. Stiak was a Gekist Queen of Aitsasho, Lady of Aitsasho, Lady of Kenkase, Lady of Obdab, Vassal of Fugrolsa and farmer. Then, Ngelounk became Lady of Ptiksaint Thrink, when Stiak and her armies attacked Ptiksaint Thrink.

Ngelounk died from an illness during the Autumn of 1169. She was 93 years old. She was a Vassal of Aitsasho for 7 years. She was a Lady of Ptiksaint Thrink for 7 years.