Lives of the Azar

The Daksous

Abridged Biography

The Daksous is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Daksous is a family. A boy named Pembelza Daksous was born in Aitsasho during the Spring of 992. He was a Gekist merchant.

During the Autumn of 992, Pembelza converted to Gekism.

A woman named Muldat Olzex gave birth to Pembelza's son Threlsi Daksous during the Autumn of 1019. Pembelza's son was a Gekist poet and murderer. She was a Gekist farmer.

During the Summer of 1020, Muldat gave birth to Pembelza's child Tsusekrou Daksous. His child was a Gekist merchant.

Pembelza's son converted to Gekism during the Spring of 1022. Then, his child converted to it.

Pembelza's son murdered a man named Azibi Ezuzor during the Winter of 1056, because Azibi murdered Muldat 4 years earlier. Azibi was a Gekist farmer and murderer. As a result, Pembelza's son angered a girl named Ragseple Ezuzor; and 1 year later, Ragseple would murder Pembelza's son. Azibi was 62 years old.

A woman named Istelsonk Thribroble and Pembelza's child were married during the Autumn of 1058. She was a Gekist merchant.

During the Summer of 1063, Pembelza and a woman named Pan Kloub were married. She was a Gekist merchant.

Pembelza died from an illness during the Summer of 1078. As a result, his and Pan's relationship ended. He was 86 years old.

During the Summer of 1107, Pembelza's child died from an illness. His child was 87 years old.