Lives of the Azar

The Ngeshos

Abridged Biography

The Ngeshos is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Ngeshos is a family. A girl named Adets Ngesho was born in Krirat during the Spring of 801. She was a Daibist merchant. Then, she converted to Ogsism.

A boy named Stomzink Ngesho was born during the Autumn of 877. He was a Gekist merchant. A man named Gina Nkek and Adets adopted him.

During the Summer of 878, Stomzink converted to Ogsism.

Stomzink converted to Daibism during the Spring of 890.

During the Autumn of 890, Adets converted to Daibism.

Adets died from an illness during the Autumn of 896. As a result, Gina's and her relationship ended. In Fugrolsa, she was 96 years old.

Stomzink converted to Gekism during the Summer of 942.

During the Spring of 958, Stomzink died from an illness. He was 81 years old in Kraikoust.