Lives of the Azar

The Siples

Abridged Biography

The Siples is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Siples is a family. An enby named Ubdilots Siple was born in Nkepu during the Spring of 694. They were a Ogsist Monarch of Obdab, Laird of Obdab and farmer. Then, they converted to Ogsism.

Ubdilots became Laird of Obdab during the Spring of 773.

During the Spring of 808, Ubdilots established The State of Obdab.

Ubdilots died from an illness during the Spring of 854. As a result, their and Drata's relationship ended, and a woman named Penge Ngethet became Queen of Obdab. In Obdab, they were 160 years old. They were a Laird of Obdab for 81 years. They were a Monarch of Obdab for 46 years.