Lives of the Azar

The Dreselsas

Abridged Biography

The Dreselsas is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Dreselsas is a family. A boy named Braby Dreselsa was born in Nkepu during the Spring of 512. He was a Ogsist criminal. Then, he converted to Ogsism.

An enby named Biabople Painge gave birth to Braby's son Oubrok Painge during the Summer of 554. Braby's son was a Ogsist warrior. Ze was a Ogsist warrior.

During the Spring of 555, Biabople gave birth to Braby's daughter Edroude Painge. His daughter was a Ogsist warrior.

A boy named Mbam Dreselsa was born during the Summer of 556. He was a Ogsist farmer. A woman named Ubza Ptontokrai and Braby adopted him.

During the Winter of 556, Mbam converted to Ogsism. Ubza and Braby were married next Winter. She was a Ogsist criminal. As a result, Biabople's and Braby's relationship ended.

During the Autumn of 558, an enby named Padegai Dreselsa was born. They were a Ogsist farmer. Ubza and Braby adopted them.

Padegai converted to Ogsism during the Summer of 559.

During the Winter of 597, Braby died from an illness. He was 86 years old.

Padegai died from an illness during the Summer of 639. They were 81 years old.

During the Summer of 641, a man named Alsenze Shas and Mbam were married. Alsenze was a Ogsist criminal.

Mbam died from an illness during the Summer of 648. He was 92 years old.