Lives of the Azar

The Ezadezs

Abridged Biography

The Ezadezs is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Ezadezs is a family. A boy named Thupsise Ezadez was born in Kenkase during the Spring of 118. He was a farmer.

In Krirat during the Autumn of 159, a woman named Ngakag Ribaidi gave birth to Thupsise's son Ptabzia Ribaidi. Thupsise's son was a farmer. She was a farmer.

Ngakag and Thupsise were married in Obdab during the Summer of 161. As a result, Shamaimzia's and her relationship ended, and Thupsise's and Ounobdai's relationship ended.

During the Autumn of 176, Thupsise and a woman named Thibe Fidoudi were married. She was a farmer. As a result, her and Deshevi's relationship ended, and her and Ubdegrild's relationship ended.

Thupsise and a woman named Mishaime Foukmou were married during the Autumn of 184. She was a warrior. As a result, his and Jagser's relationship ended, and Mishaime's and Flebse's relationship ended.

During the Winter of 188, Mishaime and Thupsise were married. As a result, his and Detsenk's relationship ended.

Thupsise died from an illness during the Winter of 202. He was 85 years old.