Lives of the Azar

The Dets

Abridged Biography

The Dets is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Dets is a family. A boy named Jentoudy Dets was born in Obdab during the Spring of 114. He was a blacksmith.

During the Summer of 160, a woman named Thunkain Kedrai gave birth to Jentoudy's son Stoul Kedrai. Jentoudy's son was a Ogsist blacksmith. She was a merchant.

Thunkain gave birth to Jentoudy's child Flem Kedrai during the Spring of 161. His child was a Ogsist poet.

During the Spring of 253, Jentoudy and a woman named Nouzaim Adoum were married. She was a criminal. As a result, her and Padris' relationship ended, Nouzaim angered a woman named Padris Posh, and Padris would murder Nouzaim 2 years later.

During the Spring of 278, Jentoudy died from an illness. He was 164 years old.