Lives of the Azar

The Mbiatsaks

Abridged Biography

The Mbiatsaks is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Mbiatsaks is a family. A boy named Wengunzou Mbiatsak was born in Ptiksaint Thrink during the Spring of 111. He was a warrior.

During the Winter of 132, a boy named Leviti Mbiatsak was born. He was a warrior. A man named Dudedu Umbu and Wengunzou adopted him.

Wengunzou and a woman named Broung Sanketh were married during the Spring of 153. She was a farmer. As a result, Hokmobria's and his relationship ended.

During the Summer of 164, Leviti and a woman named Ambai Geksiasia were married. She was a warrior. As a result, his and Hokmobria's relationship ended.

A woman named Tsene Ptidote and Wengunzou were married during the Autumn of 167. She was a farmer. As a result, her and Eminkouz's relationship ended, and Keko's and Tsene's relationship ended.

During the Spring of 181, a woman named Engago Krethrobdou murdered Leviti, because he rejected her 10 years earlier. She was a farmer and murderer. As a result, Epai's and his relationship ended, his and Ambai's relationship ended, Engago angered a girl named Goux Geksiasia, and Engago angered Wengunzou. Leviti was 48 years old.

Wengunzou died from an illness during the Spring of 183. As a result, Tsene's and his relationship ended. He was 72 years old.