Lives of the Azar

The Mbougreshias

Abridged Biography

The Mbougreshias is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Mbougreshias is a family. A girl named Tsenkab Mbougreshia was born in Kraikoust during the Spring of 110. She was a merchant.

During the Winter of 132, a girl named Tsambekro Mbougreshia was born. She was a warrior. A man named Bukmo Gail and Tsenkab adopted her.

Tsenkab and a man named Migos Merait were married during the Winter of 134. He was a merchant. As a result, Bukmo's and her relationship ended, and her and Bair's relationship ended.

During the Summer of 135, Tsenkab gave birth to Migos' daughter Ethrous Merait. His daughter was a merchant.

A man named Epakmez Kaintana and Tsenkab were married during the Summer of 175. He was a farmer. As a result, Kliat's and her relationship ended.

During the Autumn of 186, a man named Painke Imatail and Tsenkab were married. He was a farmer. As a result, her and Oumitou's relationship ended.

Tsenkab died from an illness during the Summer of 190. As a result, Painke's and her relationship ended. She was 80 years old.

During the Spring of 215, Tsambekro died from an illness. As a result, Baibdets' and Tsambekro's relationship ended. Tsambekro was 82 years old.