Lives of the Azar

The Rimzokrias

Abridged Biography

The Rimzokrias is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Rimzokrias is a family. A girl named Aroulza Rimzokria was born in Aitsasho during the Spring of 110. She was a Aroumist farmer.

During the Winter of 140, Aroulza gave birth to Elzagse's son Adsazai Lesu. Elzagse's son was a warrior. A man named Elzagse Lesu was a Aroumist warrior. Elzagse and she were married that Spring.

During the Summer of 142, Aroulza gave birth to Elzagse's child Iakrenkiaz Lesu. His child was a merchant.

A girl named Shemabe Rimzokria was born during the Autumn of 150. She was a farmer. Elzagse and Aroulza adopted her.

During the Spring of 170, Shemabe gave birth to Gased's daughter Agegout Ketsountai. His daughter was a criminal. He was a poet.

Aroulza died from an illness during the Summer of 171. She was 61 years old.

During the Winter of 172, a man named Gased Ketsountai and Shemabe were married. As a result, Veshady's and his relationship ended.

Shemabe died from The Cold Plague during the Summer of 182. As a result, Gased's and her relationship ended, and her and Peraino's relationship ended. She was 32 years old.