Lives of the Azar

The Ebregrous

Abridged Biography

The Ebregrous is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Ebregrous is a family. An enby named Topelzi Ebregrous was born in Kraikoust during the Spring of 107. Ze was a criminal.

During the Winter of 126, a boy named Dema Ebregrous was born. He was a Gekist farmer. A woman named Koth Iditzu and Topelzi adopted him. Ze and a woman named Betou Monk were married that Spring. Betou was a criminal.

During the Spring of 134, Topelzi and a woman named Stome Niasesh were married. She was a farmer.

Koth and Topelzi were married during the Winter of 139. She was a farmer.

During the Spring of 152, Topelzi died from an illness. As a result, Koth's and hir relationship ended. Ze was 45 years old.

Dema converted to Gekism during the Autumn of 156.

During the Spring of 182, Dema died from The Yellow Plague. He was 55 years old in Kenkase.