Lives of the Azar

The Noubapsos

Abridged Biography

The Noubapsos is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Noubapsos is a family. A boy named Aipimb Noubapso was born in Fugrolsa during the Spring of 105. He was a farmer.

During the Spring of 127, a woman named Thibe Fidoudi gave birth to Aipimb's daughter Gold Noubapso. His daughter was a poet. Thibe was a farmer. He and Thibe were married in Obdab next Spring. As a result, Dribziave's and her relationship ended.

During the Autumn of 151, a boy named Gelso Noubapso was born. He was a farmer. An enby named Ngoulus Biank and Aipimb's daughter adopted him.

A boy named Ekeda Noubapso was born during the Summer of 174. He was a poet. Aipimb's daughter and a man named Jentoudy Dets adopted him.

During the Autumn of 179, a girl named Raipiaku Noubapso was born. Aipimb's daughter and Jentoudy adopted her.

A man named Droutsa Keble murdered Aipimb during the Summer of 186, because Aipimb rejected Droutsa 14 years earlier. Droutsa was a merchant and murderer. As a result, Aipimb's and Thibe's relationship ended, and Droutsa angered Aipimb's daughter. Aipimb was 81 years old.

During the Summer of 190, Gelso died from The Creeping Plague. He was 39 years old. Then, Aipimb's daughter died from it. As a result, Gold's and Enash's relationship ended, and Ubdegrild's and her relationship ended. Aipimb's daughter was 63 years old. Then, Raipiaku died from it. Raipiaku was 11 years old.

Ekeda and an enby named Iala Ketsountai were married in Aitsasho during the Autumn of 206. Ze was a farmer. As a result, his and Mbouga's relationship ended, and Adil's and hir relationship ended.

During the Winter of 219, Ekeda died from an illness. As a result, Ibag's and his relationship ended. He was 45 years old.