Lives of the Azar

The Fidoudis

Abridged Biography

The Fidoudis is a family.

Unabridged Biography

The Fidoudis is a family. A girl named Thibe Fidoudi was born in Oubrelse Gramb during the Spring of 103. She was a farmer.

In Fugrolsa during the Spring of 127, Thibe gave birth to Aipimb's daughter Gold Noubapso. His daughter was a poet. He was a farmer. He and Thibe were married in Obdab next Spring. As a result, Dribziave's and her relationship ended.

During the Spring of 130, Thibe and a man named Dribziave Sethrud were married. He was a blacksmith. As a result, his and Gudsed's relationship ended.

Thibe gave birth to Dribziave's daughter Nilza Sethrud in Nkepu during the Winter of 130. His daughter was a criminal.

In Obdab during the Autumn of 134, Thibe gave birth to Dribziave's daughter Jagser Sethrud. His daughter was a farmer.

A man named Thupsise Ezadez and Thibe were married during the Autumn of 176. He was a farmer. As a result, her and Deshevi's relationship ended, and her and Ubdegrild's relationship ended.

During the Summer of 190, Thibe died from The Creeping Plague. As a result, Droun's and her relationship ended. She was 87 years old.