Lives of the Azar

Host Dorelia

Abridged Biography

Host Dorelia is a Gekist. He was born in Kenkase during the Autumn of 1365. He was adopted by his father Sez Batsakrai and Host's mother Miag Dorelia. Next Autumn, Host converted to Gekism.

Unabridged Biography

Host Dorelia is a Gekist. His mother Miag Dorelia was born in Kenkase during the Spring of 1313. His mother is a Gekist warrior.

During the Autumn of 1313, Host's mother converted to Gekism.

Host's father Sez Batsakrai was born during the Spring of 1322. Host's father is a Gekist criminal.

During the Autumn of 1322, Host's father converted to Gekism.

A man named Oshog Pamb gave birth to Sez's daughter Pias Batsakrai during the Spring of 1346. Sez's daughter is a Gekist farmer. Oshog was a Gekist farmer.

During the Autumn of 1365, Host's father and his mother were married. As a result, Sez's and Oshog's relationship ended. Then, Host was born. He was adopted by them. Next Autumn, he converted to Gekism.

Host's stepfather Vetzu Tunk and Host's mother were married during the Winter of 1368. Host's stepfather is a Gekist farmer.