Lives of the Azar

Pepets Shas

Abridged Biography

Pepets Shas was a Gekist. She was born in Kraikoust during the Spring of 388. She was adopted by her mother Ligothre Ptat and Pepets' parent Stikebo Shas. That Summer, Pepets converted to Gekism.

Pepets died from The Coughing Plague during the Winter of 400. She was 13 years old.

Unabridged Biography

Pepets Shas was a Gekist. A woman named Tsidy Painge gave birth to Zad's child Stikebo Shas in Kraikoust during the Winter of 356. His child was a Gekist merchant. Tsidy was a Gekist farmer. He was a Gekist merchant.

During the Summer of 357, Zad's child converted to Gekism.

Pepets' mother Ligothre Ptat was born during the Winter of 358. Pepets' mother was a Gekist criminal. Pepets' grandfather Kethailu Ptat and Pepets' grandfather Ibrat Shosh adopted Pepets' mother. That Spring, Pepets' mother converted to Gekism.

Pepets was born during the Spring of 388. She was adopted by her mother and Zad's child. Then, her mother and an enby named Degi Shosh were married. Xe was a Gekist criminal. As a result, Ligothre's and Stikebo's relationship ended. Pepets converted to Gekism that Summer.

During the Winter of 400, Zad's child died from The Coughing Plague. His child was 44 years old. Then, Pepets died from it. She was 13 years old.

Pepets' mother and a man named Thoulainka Shosh were married during the Summer of 456. He was a Gekist warrior.

During the Winter of 466, Pepets' mother died from an illness. Her mother was 108 years old.