Lives of the Azar

Faine Thir

Abridged Biography

Faine Thir was a Gekist. He was born in Kraikoust during the Winter of 313. He was adopted by his mother Aito Kaintana and his parent Pedu Thir. Then, he converted to Gekism.

Faine died from The Sleeping Plague during the Spring of 331. He was 17 years old.

Unabridged Biography

Faine Thir was a Gekist. His parent Pedu Thir was born in Kraikoust during the Autumn of 264. His parent was a Gekist Laird of Ptiksaint Thrink, Vassal of Kenkase and warrior. His grandparent Rise Thir and his grandfather Nibri Thir adopted Faine's parent.

During the Spring of 269, a woman named Tsepax Thir gave birth to Vasair's daughter Aito Kaintana. His daughter was a Gekist warrior. Tsepax was a Gekist warrior. He was a Gekist farmer.

Faine's parent converted to Gekism during the Winter of 290.

During the Summer of 294, Vasair's daughter converted to Gekism.

Vasair's daughter and Faine's parent were married during the Winter of 311. As a result, Aito's and Kel's relationship ended.

During the Winter of 313, Faine was born. He was adopted by Vasair's daughter and Faine's parent. Then, Faine converted to Gekism.

Faine's parent became Laird of Ptiksaint Thrink during the Winter of 330, when his grandfather died from The Sleeping Plague. That Spring, Vasair's daughter died from it. As a result, Aito's and Pedu's relationship ended. Vasair's daughter was 62 years old. Then, Faine died from it. He was 17 years old.

Faine's parent pledged allegiance to a woman named Lorad Shaikrial during the Autumn of 336. She was a Gekist Queen of Kenkase, Lady of Kenkase and warrior.

During the Spring of 350, Faine's parent died from an illness. As a result, his sibling Galza Thir became Laird of Ptiksaint Thrink. His parent was 86 years old. His parent was a Vassal of Kenkase for 14 years. His parent was a Laird of Ptiksaint Thrink for 19 years.