Lives of the Azar

Oninzin Kraine

Abridged Biography

Oninzin Kraine was a Ogsist. He was born in Nkepu during the Spring of 307. He was adopted by his father Redse Painge and Oninzin's mother Inkashep Kraine. That Summer, Oninzin converted to Ogsism.

Oninzin died from The Laughing Plague during the Spring of 314. He was 7 years old.

Unabridged Biography

Oninzin Kraine was a Ogsist. His father Redse Painge was born in Nkepu during the Spring of 278. Oninzin's father was a Ogsist farmer. Oninzin's grandfather Emoso Ngeste and Oninzin's grandfather Seraipsu Painge adopted Oninzin's father.

During the Autumn of 280, Oninzin's father converted to Ogsism.

A woman named Iadiped Kraine gave birth to Flepse's daughter Inkashep Kraine during the Winter of 280. His daughter was a Ogsist farmer. Iadiped was a Ogsist farmer. He was a Ogsist farmer. Then, his daughter converted to Ogsism.

Oninzin's father and Flepse's daughter were married during the Winter of 306. That Spring, Oninzin was born. He was adopted by them. That Summer, he converted to Ogsism. His father died from an illness next Summer. As a result, Redse's and Inkashep's relationship ended. Oninzin's father was 30 years old.

During the Spring of 314, Flepse's daughter died from The Laughing Plague. His daughter was 33 years old. Then, Oninzin died from it. Oninzin was 7 years old.