Lives of the Azar

Fadu Shosh

Abridged Biography

A girl named Fadu Shosh was born in Kraikoust during the Winter of 235. She was adopted by her mother Thianek Ptidote and Fadu's mother Nupsebrou Shosh. Next Winter, Fadu died from The Dark Plague. She was 10 months old.

Unabridged Biography

A man named Vambi Monk gave birth to Tsoz's daughter Nupsebrou Shosh in Kraikoust during the Summer of 178. Tsoz's daughter was a Gekist farmer. Vambi was a farmer. Fadu's grandfather Tsoz Shosh was a Gekist farmer.

During the Autumn of 182, Fadu's mother Thianek Ptidote was born. Fadu's mother was a Gekist warrior. Fadu's grandmother Shekraira Embo and Fadu's grandfather Oumokru Ptidote adopted Fadu's mother.

Fadu's mother and a woman named Stabou Shosh were married during the Autumn of 220. Stabou was a Gekist farmer.

During the Winter of 221, a man named Stakengi Shosh and Tsoz's daughter were married. Stakengi was a merchant.

Tsoz's daughter converted to Gekism during the Autumn of 229.

During the Spring of 232, Fadu's mother converted to Gekism.

Fadu's mother and Tsoz's daughter were married during the Winter of 235. Then, she was born. She was adopted by them. Next Winter, she died from The Dark Plague. She was 10 months old. Then, her mother died from it. As a result, Thianek's and Nupsebrou's relationship ended. Fadu's mother was 54 years old. Then, his daughter died from it. His daughter was 59 years old.