Lives of the Azar

Sekroudo Thir

Abridged Biography

Sekroudo Thir was a Gekist. He was born in Kraikoust during the Spring of 226. He was adopted by his father Ukris Thir and Sekroudo's mother Embog Kaintana.

During the Autumn of 233, Sekroudo converted to Gekism.

Sekroudo died from The Dark Plague during the Winter of 236. He was 11 years old.

Unabridged Biography

Sekroudo Thir was a Gekist. A woman named Odir Niasesh gave birth to Epakmez's daughter Embog Kaintana in Kraikoust during the Autumn of 170. Epakmez's daughter was a Gekist farmer. Odir was a farmer and murderer. Sekroudo's grandfather Epakmez Kaintana was a farmer.

During the Summer of 190, Epakmez's daughter gave birth to Tsoz's child Saka Shosh. Tsoz's child was a farmer. A man named Tsoz Shosh was a Gekist farmer.

A man named Onkou Thir gave birth to Aibzuste's son Ukris Thir during the Autumn of 196. Aibzuste's son was a warrior. Onkou was a Gekist farmer. Sekroudo's grandfather Aibzuste Embo was a Gekist merchant.

During the Summer of 224, Aibzuste's son and Epakmez's daughter were married.

Sekroudo was born during the Spring of 226. He was adopted by Aibzuste's son and Epakmez's daughter. Next Spring, Epakmez's daughter converted to Gekism.

Sekroudo converted to Gekism during the Autumn of 233.

During the Winter of 236, Aibzuste's son died from The Dark Plague. His son was 40 years old. Then, Sekroudo died from it. Sekroudo was 11 years old. Then, Epakmez's daughter died from it. His daughter was 66 years old.