Lives of the Azar

Tsobzi Emzap

Abridged Biography

A boy named Tsobzi Emzap was born in Ptiksaint Thrink during the Winter of 223. His mother Kastou Emzap was a farmer. His father Gaikugi Niasesh was a poet.

During the Winter of 236, Tsobzi died from The Dark Plague. He was 13 years old.

Unabridged Biography

A woman named Baibdets Etsi gave birth to Kliat's son Gaikugi Niasesh in Kraikoust during the Spring of 172. Kliat's son was a poet. She was a farmer. Tsobzi's grandfather Kliat Niasesh was a farmer.

In Ptiksaint Thrink during the Summer of 189, Tsobzi's mother Kastou Emzap was born. His mother was a farmer. His grandmother Tsene Ptidote and his grandparent Obrouret Emzap adopted his mother.

Kliat's son and Tsobzi's mother were married during the Spring of 221.

During the Autumn of 221, Tsobzi's mother gave birth to Gaikugi's daughter Iseda Emzap.

A boy named Tsobzi Emzap was born during the Winter of 223.

During the Autumn of 235, a man named Fleponia Etsepsa and Tsobzi's mother were married. Fleponia was a Gekist criminal.

Tsobzi's mother died from The Dark Plague during the Winter of 236. As a result, Fleponia's and Kastou's relationship ended. Tsobzi's mother was 48 years old. Then, Kliat's son died from it. As a result, Tounkou's and Gaikugi's relationship ended. Kliat's son was 65 years old. Then, Tsobzi died from it. He was 13 years old.