Lives of the Azar

Ngouldiba Ptat

Abridged Biography

A girl named Ngouldiba Ptat was born in Krirat during the Summer of 223. She was adopted by her mother Zombiambe Ribaidi and Ngouldiba's father Drebzad Ptat.

During the Winter of 236, Ngouldiba died from The Dark Plague. She was 14 years old.

Unabridged Biography

A woman named Aroga Adoum gave birth to Everest's daughter Zombiambe Ribaidi in Obdab during the Spring of 178. His daughter was a Gekist farmer. Aroga was a Gekist farmer. He was a farmer.

During the Summer of 194, Everest's daughter converted to Gekism.

Ngouldiba's father Drebzad Ptat was born in Krirat during the Winter of 198. Her father was a farmer. Her grandmother Bainepse Entith and Ngouldiba's grandmother Degsothra Ptat adopted Ngouldiba's father.

During the Summer of 223, a girl named Ngouldiba Ptat was born. She was adopted by Everest's daughter and her father.

During the Winter of 223, Everest's daughter and Ngouldiba's father were married.

Ngouldiba's father died from The Dark Plague during the Winter of 236. As a result, Zombiambe's and Drebzad's relationship ended. Ngouldiba's father was 38 years old. Then, Everest's daughter died from it. Everest's daughter was 59 years old. Then, Ngouldiba died from it. She was 14 years old.