Lives of the Azar

Raireti Kraine

Abridged Biography

A boy named Raireti Kraine was born in Fugrolsa during the Spring of 221. He was adopted by his father Nob Kraine and Raireti's mother Founke Rolsa.

During the Winter of 236, Raireti died from The Dark Plague. He was 16 years old.

Unabridged Biography

A woman named Ptothriam Nkibzibe gave birth to Mbebemb's daughter Founke Rolsa in Fugrolsa during the Autumn of 142. His daughter was a farmer. Ptothriam was a Lady of Fugrolsa and criminal. He was a farmer.

During the Autumn of 165, a woman named Lank Toshari gave birth to Jambubsai's son Nob Kraine. Jambubsai's son was a Daibist farmer. She was a Nitist farmer. Raireti's grandfather Jambubsai Kraine was a blacksmith.

A man named Gisosh Raleni and Mbebemb's daughter were married during the Winter of 174. Gisosh was a warrior. As a result, Gisosh's and Brouzamia's relationship ended, and Pouzats' and Founke's relationship ended.

During the Spring of 220, Jambubsai's son and Mbebemb's daughter were married. A boy named Raireti Kraine was born next Spring. He was adopted by them.

During the Summer of 233, Jambubsai's son converted to Daibism.

Mbebemb's daughter died from an illness during the Spring of 236. His daughter was 94 years old.

During the Winter of 236, Jambubsai's son died from The Dark Plague. His son was 71 years old. Then, Raireti died from it. Raireti was 16 years old.