Lives of the Azar

Eseny Doubzoumb

Abridged Biography

Eseny Doubzoumb was a farmer. She was born in Aitsasho during the Autumn of 204. She was adopted by her mother Hema Mepeg and Eseny's father Bep Doubzoumb.

During the Winter of 221, Eseny became a farmer like her father.

Eseny died from The Dark Plague during the Winter of 236. She was 32 years old.

Unabridged Biography

Eseny Doubzoumb was a farmer. A woman named Tapa Ketsountai gave birth to Lad's son Bep Doubzoumb in Aitsasho during the Autumn of 170. Lad's son was a farmer. Tapa was a Gekist farmer. Eseny's grandfather Lad Doubzoumb was a Gekist farmer.

During the Winter of 176, a woman named Ourekou Somiagre gave birth to Zakmalda's daughter Hema Mepeg. His daughter was a Gekist blacksmith. Ourekou was a blacksmith. He was a farmer.

Zakmalda's daughter and Lad's son were married during the Spring of 202.

During the Autumn of 204, Eseny was born. She was adopted by Zakmalda's daughter and Lad's son. Next Autumn, Zakmalda's daughter converted to Gekism.

Eseny became a farmer like Lad's son during the Winter of 221.

During the Winter of 236, Lad's son died from The Dark Plague. As a result, Hema's and Bep's relationship ended. Lad's son was 66 years old. Then, Eseny died from it. Eseny was 32 years old.

Zakmalda's daughter died from an illness during the Winter of 267. As a result, Doustal's and Hema's relationship ended. Zakmalda's daughter was 91 years old.